Monday, October 13, 2008

Important Info-Breast Cancer

1.If u already married,maybe u should rethink your timeline.Women who start family b4 the age of 28,appear to have less incidence of breast camcer compared with older mums and women who have never had children.Why?Possibly because the changes of pregnancy cause breast cells to mature and become more resilient.In addition,breast-feeding lowers ur lifetime risk of breast cancer...more good news : it's a complete myth that breastfeeding will make ur breast sag...If u know u will definitely be startting a family after the age of 28, u can still offset the increased breast cancer risks of delayed motherhood by opting to breastfeed.

2.Increasing evidence indicates that stress can short circuit ur immune system.Drop in immune response means the body is less able to detect renegade cells,which may gain a foothold and cause cancer down the track.What u can do?Turn down the tension by meditating daily and learning self help strategies so that u don't sweat the small stuff...

Full info you can get from Cleo(October) page gals..lets support pink ribbon

And dont forget to BSE(breast self examined) once in a month....

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