Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Clarins & Bust Beauty

Nak share skit mengenai artikel dalam booklet yg i dapat from Clarins..

Simple Step For Maximum bust Beauty:

Love Being You
Remember that beauty can always be enhanced...

Good Posture
The simplest way to lift your bust line.... and it's good for your back too

Weight Control
If your skin tends to lack firmness,avoid rapid changes in body weight. It's essential to take your time when slimming. Gradual weight loss means long term weight loss and also protects bust which can be damaged by sudden reductions in weight.

Healthy Eating
A balanced diet with sfficient protein helps keep skin tissue firm.

Cool Water
Forget long hot bath-enemy No 1 for firm skin, particularly on the bust area.Always finish your shower with a spray of cool water on the bust.

Unless you are exceptionally heavy-breasted, make yourself comfortable as soon as you get home by removing your bra. This stimulates firmer support tissues.

Swimming is ideal for firming and refining both your silhouette and the bust.

Breathe deeply every morning with the window open.

Ermmm...senang jer nak jaga aset kita ni rupanya..start dari pagi jer dah boleh buat benda2 ni..first sekali tu tarik napas dalam2 lah kan..hehe..swimming tu dah lama tak buat...rindu jugak nak gi swim..tapi tak cukup kekuatan lagi..hehe..selain nak promote product dia mcm2 lagi yg ada kat dalam booklet Clarins nih..info ni pun aku copy skit2 jer..tak semua aku tulis kat sini..

Yg kiri sekali tu my favourite Clarins product..Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum...mmg berkesan sgt dgn kulit aku..yang bestnya kalau beli barang kat Clarins Taman Perlis tu semestinya sampel2 yg auntie tu bagi..tiap kali pi mesti dapat macam2 sampel..kali ni dapat toner,mosturizer dengan cleanser sekali..senang skit nak gi travel terus angkut botol2 sampel jer...


POSH76 said...

cam bess jer clarins ni

Alimaz-Kembara Terasing said...

hmmm clarins mesti cuba...


i'm a clarins die hard fan!


DaZzlingLilLy said...

POSH76-mmg best produk2 dia posh..
Alimaz-cuba la tgk..kot2 sesuai kan..
Dilla Karim-same goes here dilla...i know ur blog..already link urs here..