Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stress Less

Lately mmg stress memanjang..bermusim2 dah ni stress..dari musim sejuk sampai musim kemarau asik stress jer..tapi still boleh handle lagi..
Semalam terjumpa stress less point ni terus wat checklist..hehe..memang simple and selalu i buat walaupun tak cover semua point..

1.Dance it out ~ Checked! Zumba...
2.Go For A Walk ~ Jarang2 buat..
3.Talk About It ~ Still learning.. tapi baru2 ni ada buat dgn my gf..
4.Breathe ~ Selalu buat..take a deep breath..
5.Go to bed earlier ~ Dalam proses..kul 11 still kira awal utk i
6.Focus on what you can control ~ ermm perlu dipikirkan..
7.Reminisce about good times ~ always did..thanks to my gf..

8.Ask for a hug ~ errrrmmmmm..
9.Look for oppurtunities in life challenges ~ sooner will figure it out..
10.Smile ~ need to do this often..


phatgurl said...

I pun dah nak dekat setahun asyik stress terlampau. I selalu buat no 3, meluahkan segala perasaan kat orang2 terdekat. Haritu I ada baca this quote yg sgt inspiring...
"Olives are pressed to get oil, Fruits are squeezed for juice, Flowers are crushed for perfume. So if you feel pressured it's just Allah trying to get the best out of YOU!"

Hope it can inspire you as much as it did to me. Take care Lilly.

DaZzlingLilLy said...

phatgurl-atie..mmg bagus sgt quote tu..tak terpikir pun selama ni yang "fruits are squeeze for juices"..ermmm..tq atie for ur words..