Monday, October 7, 2013


Finally we have our own official CLINIQUE online..

For ages i've been waiting for dis easy peasy purchasing online for dis brand..
Finally last friday i recieved nicely wrap box with its clinique label...

I beli cleanser and toner je dulu..toner tu no 3 coz i punya skin oily and combination..
For new user u guys can try their own quizzes on how is ur skin condition and ur lifestyle,so nnt u ols akan tau lah apa jenis kulit u ols and produk mana yg sesuai utk u ols..
Promo utk kali ni dapat free samples lipstick and a small youth surge moisturiser..
Firt time i try the moisturiser..mmg best..rasa kulit lembut and yg paling best dalam dunia tu sebab moisturiser ni tak berminyak...bukan snang okeh nak dapat moisturiser yg ngam utk kulit kawah minyak ni..huhuhu..

So far pakai mmg jerawat tak bertambah lagi walau seketul...
A good start for a better skincare regime and  long lasting relationship hopefully...

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